Everything About Hunza Valley

A Heaven On Earth

Hunza is a very beautiful mountainous valley in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Hunza valley is situated north of Pakistan. It borders with Wakhan Corridor Afghanistan and Xinjiang, China at the other side. Hunza valley is very famous for its beautiful landscape not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Every year tens of thousands of tourist come to visit Hunza valley. Cherry blossom season is very famous among Japanese tourists. Every year thousands of Japanese tourists come to visit Hunza Valley and enjoy the cherry blossom season.

Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Valley
Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Valley

Just like everyone else I am also a Hunza lover. I visit Hunza valley a couple of times in a year to enjoy its landscape in different seasons. I am a frequent traveler and I am familiar with most of the tourist's spots. When I started visiting Hunza Valley I was very curious to know about the security situation, Local culture and best time to visit. I could find most of the information on several online forums but a complete travel guide to Hunza was missing.

A Complete Travel Guide To Hunza

So, I have decided to make my own website. Here you can find all the relevant information about Hunza, Culture, People, Sightseeing spots, Weather & Best time to visit. The road to Hunza website is a comprehensive web portal to find all information that a first-time traveler would like to know. I have tried to give as much information as I could. Most of the information you will find on this website is my own experiences but some of the information is taken from different online forums.

The road to Hunza is not only helpful for local Pakistani travelers but a great resource for foreigner travelers as well. Due to the negative image of Pakistan in the western world, Most of the travelers have so many questions regarding Security, People & Culture in mind. So if you are coming from abroad then this website is a must read for you. I have met several foreigners having so many questions in mind. So I will address all the common questions that foreigners might have in mind.


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