Attabad Lake How To Reach & Things To Do

Attabad Lake was formed in 2010 by a landslide dam. Since its formation, this Lake has become a very busy tourist attraction because of its blue color and scenic view. According to the Tourism Department of Pakistan, Attabad lake is one of the busiest tourist attraction in Pakistan. Formation of Attabad Lake was not less than a tragedy. 20 people were buried in due to the landslide. Around 6000 people were displaced due to the landslide and it had a very negative effect on the local community. There is a complete village under the lake and you can see the actual houses if you go near to the lake.

Karakorum highway was realigned due to the lake formation. The government of Pakistan and China then together made a tunnel under a mountain to make the Karakorum highway functional.

Attabad Lake View From Roadside

How To Reach Attabad Lake?

It’s pretty easy to reach Attabad lake. It takes around 25 minutes from Karimabad.

Karimabad to Attabad Lake Route

You can easily find a car/jeep on rent to visit Attabad lake. It won’t cost more than Rs. 2000 ($23) for this trip from Karimabad to Attabad Lake.

Things To Do At Attabad Lake

Attabad lake is a perfect spot to capture some of the most amazing portraits. If you are a nature loving person then you will love the Attabad lake. There are a couple of restaurants at the roadside to enjoy a meal and a cup of tea. You can also rent a boat to take a ride in the lake.

It will cost you around Rs. 2500 ($28) to rent out a boat for 25 minutes or so. Attabad Lake is one of the most favorite spots of foreigners as well. The water is so blue that you will love the pictures and scenic views.