Baltit Fort Of Hunza Valley – See Culture & History Of Hunza Valley

I am always fascinated with rural culture and their desire to stick with it. Coming from a metropolitan background this is something very new for me. The local authorities has kept the Baltit fort well managed and well maintained. It’s always a treat to visit these historic building and sights. These historic buildings give you a sneak peek into the great past of Hunza Valley. Forts of Hunza Valley like Baltit For & Altit Fort let you see the past of great rulers of Hunza Valley.

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is a fort in Karimabad, the town of Hunza Valley, Pakistan. It is protected by UNESCO world heritage since 2004. Rulers of Hunza Valley built the Baltit for some 700 years ago. Back then a strong fort shows how powerful and wealthy your regime is. In 16th century prince of Hunza Valley married a princess from Baltistan. The Princess brings masters of Balti craftsmen in her dowry. Those Craftsmen then renovated the whole fort in Balti architecture and since then it is named as Baltit For.

The Mir of Hunza left the Fort and shifted to another fort nearby. Because no one was living in the fort, it ruined the fort. Later on, Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Programme took the responsibility to take care of the fort and restoration programme started. After the restoration programme, the fort is in good condition.

Baltit Fort is a very famous attraction in Hunza Valley. If you are visiting Hunza Valley and do not visit the Baltit Fort then your tour is incomplete. Architecture is amazing and you get to know the past of the local rulers. There are several people whose livelihood is connected with Baltit Fort.

If you want to see the local culture then you should definitely visit this fort. Hiking to the fort is pretty easy. You can rent a jeep/car to bring you to this place. In order to go to the Baltit Fort, you need to cross the main market. In the main market, you can see and buy local dry fruits, handicrafts & local clothes.

Hunza Valley Baltit Fort Market View
Hunza Valley Baltit Fort Market View

Entry Ticket For Baltit Fort?

There is an entry ticket and for Pakistani nationals its Rs. 400 ( $4 ) and for foreigner its Rs. 900 ( $9 ). It is a guided tour and thanks to entry fees, maintenance of the fort is up to the mark. The tour guide speaks fluent English and will provide you with all the information about structure, Rooms, Utensils and about the lifestyle of the rulers. You can ask any question from the tour guide about the Fort or Hunza Valley overall.

Inside Baltit Fort Hunza Valley
Inside Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

The tour guide is very friendly and he will take pictures for you if you are into photography. There is also a possibility to have a grand dinner like Mir Of Hunza used to have. The only problem is that it’s for the group. The couple and group few people can’t afford it.

Inside Baltit Fort
Inside Baltit Fort

If you are traveling to Hunza Valley in a group like a university trip then that grand dinner will be worth it. You will get a chance to eat the local food and enjoy local dance after dinner.


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