Borith Lake Hunza Valley – How To Reach & Things To Do

If you are nature loving person then you will enjoy the amazing and beautiful lakes of Hunza Valley. Borith Lake is one of the most beautiful lake of Hunza Valley. Hunza valley is an undiscovered gem and people from all around the world are coming to visit this beautiful place. Due to international bloggers visiting Pakistan and then sharing their vlogs on youtube and their own blogs, People are noticing the beauty of Pakistan. Negative propaganda against Pakistan is getting weak. The security situation is improving thus more and more people are visiting these areas.

Borith Lake is situated in Gulmit, Hunza Valley in Pakistan. Borith Lake is around 2600 above sea level and the lake is situated near Hussaini village which is at the roadside of Karakorum highway. It’s very easy to reach Hussaini village and from Hussaini village, one cannot use a car to drive to the Lake. You have to take a jeep or trek to the lake. This Lake is also a sanctuary of wildfowl and very often bird lovers visit this lake to enjoy different kinds of birds.

Borith Lake Hunza Valley

You can see a large number of ducks coming from the warm areas in June & July. In winter you will not be able to enjoy the lake view. In winter season students from different parts of Pakistan for ice skating. At the end of NOV birds came from Warmer parts of Pakistan start migrating to central Asian states.

Borith Lake Video

Borith Lake in November

Things To Do At Borith Lake


You can do boating at Borith lake at a very cheap price. You can rent a boat from Borith Lake Hotel & Resort for Rs. 2500 ($25) for few an hour or so. The environment at the lake is very calm and relaxing.


Swimming is another activity that you can do at the lake. Water is very clean and bluish. The lake is deep so avoid going to the center without wearing a life jacket. Again you can rent the equipment from the hotel present at the Borith Lake.


Fishing is another amazing activity at the Lake. There is plenty of trout fish in this lake. You can rent out the fishing equipment and do that fishing and if you are unlucky you can buy the fish from the nearby hotel. Fishing at the Borith lake is a very good time killing activity and also relaxing. Meanwhile fishing you can enjoy watching a different kind of birds.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is prohibited at the lake but hey its Pakistan if you have a good friend who has connections then you can always do the duck hunting.


There is a big glacier situated at the bank of Lake and you can trek to see the glacier and have fun while trekking.

Camping & Bone Fire

The owner of Borith Lake Hotel & Resort is a very friendly person and he can arrange literally anything for you. You can ask him to arrange camping and bone fire. If the clouds are clear then you can have an amazing view at night. It’s a perfect spot to capture the galaxy photos.

Hotels At Borith Lake

Only one hotel is operational at the Lake. Rents are very reasonable as well. It’s very difficult to get a room in peak season. You can eat & drink from this hotel as well. They provide a nice sitting place to relax and have a tea and meal. The guy operating hotel is very friendly and will provide you a good discount if you ask for it 🙂

You can book and see the current rate of Borith Lake Hotel & Resort online Here.

If you are a lake lover and coming from Karimabad then you should first visit Attabad Lake & then move on to Borith Lake. After visiting Borith Lake you may continue to visit Shimshal Lake.

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