Experience Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Valley

Cherry blossom season is one of the busiest time in Hunza Valley. Nature loving people from all over the world rush to Hunza Valley to experience the most scenic season in Hunza Valley.

Cherry blossom season Hunza Valley
Cherry blossom season Hunza Valley

Cherry blossom season in Hunza starts from 15 March and ends at 30 April. Views of Hunza Valley are beautiful throughout the year but it becomes more vibrant in spring season.

Watch Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Valley

When To Start Planning For Blossom Season

If you really want to experience the peak of the cherry blossom then you need to plan very early. Hunza Valley is a very small valley and there is not much of tourism infrastructure. Blossom season is a very busy time so you need to plan in advance. Booking a quality hotel is the key because in peak season very few rooms in quality hotels are available. We have very detailed article on Hunza Valley hotels so read that as well to see what hotel will suit you better according to your budget.

Start Of Cherry Blossom Season In Hunza Valley

I would suggest to start planning your tour 3 months before the cherry blossom season. In April, the only route opened for Hunza Valley will be Karakoram highway. We also have a very details travel guide from Islamabad to Hunza valley by road.

Some misconceptions about cherry blossom season

Most of the time people think that cherry blossom season is organized by the local government and tourism agencies but in reality its just a season in Hunza Valley with more crowd. There are no specific arrangements done by the local government.

People come from different parts of the world to see nature and beautiful flowers. Hunza Valley is famous for cherry blossom but in fact, if you come and see there are so much to love beside cherry blossom. You will see different kinds of flowers that you never heard of.

Drawbacks of Visiting Hunza Valley In Blossom Season

Hunza Valley is a very quiet place around the year but in cherry blossom season number of tourists visiting Hunza is significantly higher. So if you are kind of a person who loves a quiet and relaxing environment then do not visit in the Cherry Blossom season. Often quality hotels are not available and hotel charges are very high because of demand and supply. The local government has started few initiatives to finance the local people to start their own guest’s house which will cater the local tourists as well as foreigners.

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