Hunza Valley Declared Plastic Free Zone

Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It has the potential to become a tourism hub and generate billions of dollars for the ailing economy of Pakistan. The more people come and visit Hunza Valley the more plastic and garbage they throw.

Local community and authorities have decided to make Hunza Valley a plastic-free. A ban on plastic bags has been issued and tourists and local people are not allowed to use plastic bags anymore.

Effects of Plastic on our Climate

Plastic has devastating effects on Hunza weather. According to WWF 95% of the oldest glaciers have been melted and we need to preserve the climate of Hunza Valley to preserve its natural beauty. Indus river is the world’s 2nd most polluted basin and every day thousands of people visit Gilgit Baltistan and throw rubbish into the Indus River. If you ever visit the Baltistan region you will be able to see sailing rubbish with your naked eye.

Plastic, when exposed to heat, is melted and divided into very small particles which then pollute the marine life as well as humans. It’s very important that not only locals but tourist takes special care not to throw garbage anywhere. Since plastic bags are banned in Hunza Valley it’s better that you do not bring it from outside.

Role of Hunza Valley Hotels

Hotels have a very important role to play because almost all garbage is generated by the tourist in their property. Hotels then throw this garbage in the open and Indus river. The hotel association of Hunza Valley has also supported the plastic bag free stance and they have joined the moment to make Hunza plastic-free.

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