Hunza Valley Hotels – Rates & Phone Numbers

Hunza Valley is one of the most frequently visited place. Every year thousands of people come to visit Hunza Valley and its amazing views. Hunza valley is very clean mainly because people are educated and they understand the importance of tourism in their economy. Tourism is changing their lives. Every year number of people visiting Hunza Valley is increasing exponentially. In order to accommodate the growing number of visitors, local government and the private sector is working together to build more hotels in Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley hotels are very clean and comfortable to live.

I have been visiting different places every year, The cleanest hotels I found are in Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza Valley is in Gilgit Baltistan) & Azaad Kashmir. To me, cleanliness is the first thing I see before making my mind to book the hotel. In Hunza, Skardu & Azaad Kashmir hotels may not have a lot of amenities like LCD, Heated Mattresses and all that but they will be very clean to spend a night.

Hunza Valley has a variety of hotels for every budget. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Hunza Valley then you have a lot of choices. Local people are also opening guest houses and small hotels. Their rates are very reasonable.

If you are looking for luxurious Hunza Valley hotels then you can stay in Serena Inn & Eagle Nest. Both of them are providing comfortable rooms and tons of facilities in a remote area like Hunza Valley.

Cheap Hunza Valley Hotel – Rates & Phone Number

Old Hunza Inn Hotel

Old Hunza Inn hotel is situated very near to the Karakoram highway and easily accessible. They are offering very cheap rooms.


Old Hunza Inn Hotel - Hunza Valley
Old Hunza Inn Hotel – Amazing View

View from the Old Hunza Inn hotel is amazing. Last time I visited they did not have a hot shower. So keep that in mind. Morning & nights are usually chilling in Hunza Valley.

Price: Around Rs. 1100 ($ 10 – 11)

Contact Number: 03129755467

CPEC Hotel

CPECT Hotel Hunza Valley
CPEC Hotel Hunza Valley

The CPEC hotel is also nearby Karakoram highway. Mountain view from the room is breathtaking. Rooms have LCD TV inside and a private bathroom. One special thing about this hotel is that you can get a free bike from them. Free WIFI access is given all the guests.

CPEC Hotel Room View


CPEC hotel has a kitchen which serves Pakistani & Continental food. Hotel staff will help you rent Jeep/Car to tour the nearby areas. If you need any information about anything they are very friendly to guide you about it.

Price : 1500 – 1800 ($14 – 18)

Phone Number: 0300 9141275

Baltit Heritage Hotel


Baltit Heritage hotel is perfect for family and solo female travel. The staff is amazing and friendly. The front view is amazing and you could see the whole Hunza Valley in front of you. You can see the beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains. I have a very good experience with this hotel. The staff is well trained and would do the job in just no time. I recommend this hotel to everyone.




Baltit Fort & Altit fort is a just 8-minute walk from here.

Price: Rs. 2800 – 3500 ( $25 – 30 )

Phone Number: 0301-5759049, 0512364301

World Roof Hotel & Restaurant

World Roof Hotel

World Roof Hotel is situated in the center of the Karimabad. It’s very easy to go around from this place. Hot water is available in the morning and night time. Electricity backup is also available in the hotel. The view is great from the rooms.

World Roof Hotel View
World Roof Hotel View

World Roof Hotel also operates a restaurant. It serves continental, Pakistan cuisines and Chinese. Its very famous in Hunza in terms of restaurant and their Tea is so tasty.

As I told you earlier its situated in the center of Hunza Valley, It makes it very easy to go to Baltit Fort & Altit For on foot. It’s just 8 minutes of walk away from Baltit Fort & Altit Fort.

Price: Rs. 3500 – 4500 ( $ 30-40 )

Phone Number: 05813457153

Hunza View Hotel


Hunza View Hotel is situated in the center of the city and easily accessible. Hotel rooms are clean and the staff is very friendly. Washrooms are clean and have hot water all the time. The hotel provides you the parking space with any extra charges and there is ample parking space available. Every room has its own private balcony space and views from the balcony are spectacular.

Hunza View Hotel has its own grapevine garden where you can sit, relax and enjoy nature.

Price: Rs. 4500 – 5500 ( $ 45 – 50 )

Phone Number: 05813457141

Expensive Hotels In Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley has a wide range of expensive hotels which caters to the need of rich Pakistani & foreigners. To be honest I see more foreigners in hostels and cheap hotels than these expensive hotels. People visiting Hunza Valley are more interested in seeing and experiencing the nature rather spending time in hotels etc. So the audience is very different here.

Hunza Serena Inn

Hunza Serena Inn is the most luxurious and comfortable hotel in Hunza Valley. Serena Inn is operated by Serena Hotels which operates a chain of luxurious hotels in Asia, Africa & South Asia. Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development has the largest share in Serena hotels i.e. 45%. It’s interesting to mention that Agha Khan is actually the Imam (Leader) of people living in Hunza Valley and other parts of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.


If you are looking for a comfortable stay in Hunza Valley then Hunza Serena Inn is the best choice. They have their own little garden and sometimes they serve fruit directly plucked from their garden. They also own farms in Hunza Valley where they plant their own organic vegetables and fruits. So expect high quality and delicious food in Serena Inn.


Its situated in the center of Karimabad and Baltit Fort & Altit Fort is only 5min of walk away.

Price: Rs. 8000 – 9000 ( $80 – 95 )

Phone Number: 05813457660

If you think I have missed any good hotel then please recommend it in the comments below and I will try to add it in the list. Moreover, if you are a hotel owner and would like to add your hotel in this list kindly comment below.


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