Hunza Valley Weather & When To Visit

Current weather of Hunza Valley right now is given below:

Hunza Valley is open round the year. Roads are also open all round year but there might be some land sliding issues. Government agencies are pretty quick to fix the road blockage in any case. Because Hunza Valley is a surrounded by the mountains so its weather is very unpredictable so in this article we will explain what month is best to visit Hunza Valley.

Hunza Weather In January

Hunza weather in January is pretty harsh. You should expect temperature below -10. It’s the best time to enjoy snowfall in central Hunza. All most all of the lakes are frozen these days. In January it’s very quiet and relaxing because there are very few people visiting Hunza in this season.

Hotels are mostly empty and you will get rooms at a very good price. Most of the roads will be open and you can even make it to the Khunjrab Pass (Pakistan & China border) but it’s not advisable. There is little daytime in winter and you won’t make it to Khunjrab Pass and come back.

Hunza Temperature in January

The temperature will be less than -10 Celsius and expect heavy snowfall in January.

Things To Consider before Visiting Hunza In January

If you are still motivated to visit Hunza in January then make sure you have warm clothes with you. And because you are traveling through the mountains in winter so keep extra food like snacks & chocolates etc with you all the time. There are chances that roads may be blocked and you need to spend a couple of days on the road. It’s a real possibility. It often happens.

Hunza Weather In February

Hunza weather in February is also very cold but things start to get better in this month. Days will be cold and nights will be chilling. So keeping jackets and warm clothes are recommended. There are very few people visit Hunza in February so your hotels will be empty and hotel rents will be very low. If you stay in a good hotel you will get room heather etc.

Hunza Temperature in February

The temperature in February ranges between -5 to 6 on average. It’s pretty cold.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Travelling To Hunza In February

February is rainy season and so land sliding often happens. So keep in mind that you may need to spend a couple of days on the road because clearing landslide takes several days. Always take extra precaution while driving and keep an eye on the mountains because you can see the rocks falling. In that case, stop the car near the mountainside and you will be safe.

Hunza Weather In March

Hunza weather in March is still chilling and expect snowfall now and then. March is the rainy season so chances of land sliding are very high. Pakistan and the Chinese government are working together to construct and maintain the KKH so that they can control the land sliding. Keep extra food with you when you are traveling on KKH. Keep extra fuel for your car as well. This helps you a lot if there is road blockage on the way.

Snow Leopard In Naltar Valley
Snow Leopard In Naltar Valley

Hunza Temperature in March

Temperature ranges between 2 to 6 on average and it’s very cold. Keep warm clothes with you.

Things To Consider Before Travelling To Hunza In March

Traveling to Hunza in March can be very tiring especially if you are not very fond of long driving. Due to land sliding, KKH can be closed for a couple of days. Keep these things in mind and also its rainy season so land sliding chances are very high.

Hunza Weather In April

A very good time to see colorful Hunza, Hunza weather in April is getting warmer. Days are long as well. Blossom season is at its peak in the middle of April. Many tourists come to visit Hunza Valley at this time. Blossom season is very famous in Pakistan and Hunza Valley attracts tourists from all around the globe.

In April there are so many things to do in Hunza Valley.

Hunza Temperature In April

The temperature ranges from 10 to 23 Celsius in April.

Hunza In April – Things To Do?

Hunza Valley is very colorful in April because of the blossom season. The flowers are blooming and giving a colorful look. Tours are pre-arranged for the blossom season from Punjab, Sindh & KPK. If you are nature loving person then you will enjoy a lot in April because of its very cozy environment in Hunza. Rooms in hotels are easy to get and you will find space in hotels easily.

This is the start of the tourist season so there will be relatively fewer people which will give you the chance to explore almost all spots before the season kicks in.

Hunza Weather In May

Hunza weather in May is still chilling but snow is melting and forests are getting greener. Wildlife is coming out of the long hibernation of Winter. Nights of Hunza in May are still chilling so keep warm clothes with you at night.

Because of the snow is melting hiking trails starts to appear. People from Punjab and other region start to book tours. Still, its start of the season so there will be less crowd and you can easily find cheap cars & hotels.

National parks are opened and roads are cleared. Naltar Valley becomes accessible in April and Skiing is started in Naltar Valley. There is a perfect spot for ski in Naltar valley. This Ice Ski spot is managed by Pakistan Airforce. Its well managed and you can rent the ski equipment from the nearby station.

Naltar Valley Ski Resort
Naltar Valley Ski Resort

Hunza Valley Temperature in May

The temperature in May ranges between 13 – 27 celsius on average.

Hunza Weather In June, July & August

Jun, July & August is the peak season to visit Hunza Valley. People from all around the world come to visit Hunza in this season. Attractions like Lakes In Hunza Valley, National Parks, Peaks & Hiking trails are open. Hunza has so much to offer in this season. You can enjoy dry fruits in this season as well.

Fishing on the lakes and valley is a common activity. The equipment are easily available from the hotel of your stay or from shops. You can do camping anywhere near the beautiful lakes and enjoy the night views far from the city lights. At night you can clearly see the galaxy if the sky is clear of clouds.

There are a lot of events happening in Hunza like Chitral Day of Hunza & Sports day.

Things To Visit In June, July & August

Pretty much everything is opened to visit starting from June onward. Khunjrab pass is opened for tourists and moreover, all the lakes become accessible as well. Rush Lake, Shimshal Lake & Attabad lake are among the most beautiful lakes in Hunza Valley. These are must visit places.

Hunza Weather In September Onward

Weather is clear and almost all places remain accessible until the middle of December when it again starts snow falling.

Kindly note that the KKH road remains accessible pretty much round the year but there are few months that are risky i.e. April & May. In these months road remains blocked due to land sliding very often so avoid traveling in these months. If you have no issue with long driving then you are OK to travel.

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