Hunza Water – How They Make It & Should You Drink It?

So you have heard Hunza Water somewhere and now wondering what is Hunza water? Well, I will explain what it is and how you can get it. Most of the area of Pakistan is hot and not very chill in winter. But in Hunza Valley, the winter season is very harsh. Temperature is less than -20 on average. Due to the shortage of electricity and timber in winter, it’s very hard to keep yourself warm.

Hunza water is the common name of alcohol in Hunza Valley. Karimabad is very famous for its high-quality Hunza Water ( Spirit ). Though people of Hunza Valley are Muslims its considered normal to drink due to its harsh weather. Hunza water is locally distilled and then packaged into the bottle.

It’s easily accessible in Hunza Valley, you can request your hotel or jeep driver for the spirit and they will arrange it for you. We have compiled a list of Hunza Valley hotels, check it out to find the best hotel for your stay. People of Hunza belongs to Ismaili sect of Islam. Prince Agha Khan is the religious leader of people of Hunza. He has directed the population not involved in Alcohol business. Due to the environmental and economic issues Hunz Water is easily available in Hunza Valley.

How Local People Make Hunza Water

Hunza Water Preparation
Hunza Water Preparation

There is a famous guy name Mr. Hunza Water. He is very famous in Hunza Valley and is actually the person who produces this famous product. He does the distillation process at his place.

Is It Safe?

Not really, Hunza water is produced by local people and they do not have the advanced techniques and machines to actually measure how hard drink is. I haven’t heard about any case of death or health issue caused by the local drink. People belong to a conservative society and there might be an incident but due to public shaming they might not report it.

My recommendation is to avoid drinking Hunza water but if you are interested in the original Hunza water i.e. water of waterfalls and glaciers then you are always welcome.


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