Naltar Valley – Why You Visit It At least Once A Lifetime

Hunza Valley is very famous for its natural beauty and scenic views. The most famous places in Hunza Valley that a common man know are most probably Hunza Valley itself, Attabad Lake & Khunjrab Pass. Most of the times they see these place on social media and make their mind to visit. What they don’t know is that Hunza Valley is not only the beautiful place in Gilgit Baltistan but there are tons of another place that are equally beautiful. Naltar Valley is one of them.

Naltar Valley is an isolated valley tucked away from the hustle bustle of towns and cities. The road to Naltar valley is a bumpy ride and it’s not possible to reach Naltar Valley on a car. Instead, you need a 4×4 jeep to make it to the Naltar Valley. Naltar Valley is home of the world’s tastiest potatoes. It has best but most unknown ski resort. There are snow leopards in the valley. It has 7 most beautiful lakes.

How To Reach Naltar Valley From Gilgit

Naltar Valley - Route From Gilgit
Naltar Valley – Route From Gilgit

Naltar Valley is just 54KM away from Gilgit But it takes more than 2 hours to reach. The road till Nomal is very nice. From Nomal till Naltar valley road is in very bad shape. It’s a very bumpy road and you cannot pass it on a car. Instead, you would need a 4×4 jeep for this route. Its a very narrow road and it becomes very hard to cross when another vehicle come from the other side.

There is a risk of land sliding all the time but its risk worth taking.

Why Naltar Valley Is So Special?

Naltar Valley is a very beautiful valley which very few people know about. Most of its area is covered with forest. Its full of lush and tall trees and its wildlife is very active. The view you get to see when you enter the Naltar Valley is truly delightful for your eyes.

Night view at Naltar Valley is amazing. People get back from remote areas after its dark. And because it’s not a very big town you don’t see the cities like hustle bustle. People sleep very early. At night you will get a chance to see the most amazing sky view. Its quiet and there is nobody who is going to disturb you. You can spend the whole night seeing the stars.

Naltar Valley - Milky Way View
Naltar Valley – Milky Way View

You can see stars so clearly because there is no pollution and there are no bright lights in the valley. At late night Milky Way galaxy emerged behind the mountain. That view makes your speechless. You cant see these views in a normal city in Pakistan.

Naltar Valley Ski Resort

Naltar Valley has a functional Ski Resort operated by the Pakistan Air Force. Ski Resort s opened in the winter season and ski enthusiasts come from all parts of Pakistan to enjoy skiing. A Ski lift is installed by the Pakistan Air Force to bring skiers to the top of the mountain from where they can ski back down.

The best thing about Naltar Valley Ski Resort is that its less crowded and few people know about it. It’s difficult to visit Naltar Valley because Naran Kaghan route is closed in winters. So visitors have to take KKH route to visit Hunza Valley. Because of the difficulty of the road fewer people come to visit Hunza Valley in winters. We have an Islamabad to Hunza Valley travel guide which explains what routes are available to visit Hunza Valley and what routes are closed in what season.

Lakes In Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley Lakes Map
Naltar Valley Lakes Map

Very few people know that there are 7 breathtaking lakes in Naltar Valley. These lakes are

  • Satrangi Lake
  • Blue 1 / Pari Lake
  • Blue 2
  • Green Lake
  • Blue 3
  • Naltar Lake

The easiest to visit is the Satrangi Lake and in fact the most beautiful and famous among all.

If you love to visit lakes then we have a complete guide on Attabad Lake, Shimshal Lake, Rush Lake & Borith Lake. Check them out.

Here are few of the question that most of the visitor has in mind

Q1: Should I stay an overnight in Gilgit for Naltar?

Ans: No, you can spend the night in Naltar Valley as well, there are several hotels in the main Naltar Valley. So why to spend an extra night in Gilgit when you can spend a night in Naltar Valley.

Q2: From Gilgit till where I can drive in my car?
Ans: You can drive up to the Nomal but I would suggest to hire a jeep from Gilgit and park your car in any hotel. The driver of the jeep you hired will help you park the car.

Q3: What are the average Jeep rent from Gilgit to Naltar Valley

Ans: The road to Naltar is in pretty bad shape so the jeep driver is going to charge around Rs. 7000


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