Rush Lake Hunza Valley – How To Reach & What To Do At The Lake

The most fascinating thing about travel is that you are going to experience a new thing every day. If you love adventures and nature then you are welcome to visit Pakistan. Pakistan is a country full of Lakes, Valleys & mountains. In Punjab, you can see lush green fields meanwhile if you go to the northern side you will see Forests, Mountain Peaks, Lakes & Waterfall and so much more. The Rush Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the region.

The Rush Lake is Pakistan’s highest alpine lake and not only Pakistan but the entire region. The beauty of this lake not only lies in its views but also its altitude & location. Though its located at very high altitude still it’s very easy to reach. Its situated on a plateau. The Rush Lake is situated in Hoper Village in Nagar, Hunza Valley. The Rush Lake is 4500 meters above the sea level and believed to be one of the most beautiful water body in Pakistan.

Rush Lake Hunza Valley

Rush Lake Video

In order to see this lake, you have to trek for two days. Your trekking will start from Hoper Village and you can find plenty of guides over there. They will demand round about Rs. 9000 ($90) but if you negotiate with them and make them feel that you will go alone if they don’t give a discount, They will give you a good discount. I got my guide for Rs. 5000 ($50).

Rush Lake Hunza Valley

How To Reach Rush Lake From Hoper Village?

  • You will star trekking from Hoper village and head to Shiskin. It is going to be a very hot and tiring walk so keep your bottles full with water. You will need them, trust me. After crossing the Hoper glacier you will reach Shaskin. It’s going to take an hour or so to reach Shaskin.
  • After reaching Shiskin rest for half an hour and get ready to trek towards Barpu glacier. It will take an hour to cross this glacier and you will reach Barpu Giram.
  • From Barpu Giram you will start trekking towards Rush Lake. It’s a very steep and zig zag trek. After reaching the top you can view amazing views of nearest mountain peaks like Lupghar, Momhil, Trivor and Bullarang.
  • You can spend a day at the lake and do the camping. Getting the right guide is the key here. If your guide is experienced enough he will think through the trip and will take all the required things like utensils & other equipment etc.
  • It will take a day to come back to Hoper village.

Note: Don’t try to go alone to Rush Lake because there are several incidents of Bears attacking tourists and recently wildlife department of Pakistan has also released several leopards to save their breed from extinction. Always trek with a guide because they understand the whole area and they will not only help you trek fast but also keep you safe.

Activity & Attractions At Rush Lake

Rush Lake is covered with snow for 9 months and only shine for 3 months. There is really nothing much you can do. If you are brave enough you can swim in the lake though it’s not recommended.

If you do not find trekking very attractive then you shouldn’t go to Rush Lake because there is extensive trekking involved. Instead from Karimabad go to Attabad Lake, Borith Lake & Shimshal Lake. This route is easy to follow and you will find several lakes at this track.

Weather & Temperature At Rush Lake

Weather at Rush Lake is very unpredictable because of its altitude. Weather is constantly changing at such an altitude so be prepared for clouds, thunderstorm & odd snowing. If you are going to visit Rush Lake in months of Jun, July & August then you shouldn’t expect snow.

The temperature at Rush Lake is very low and almost near to freezing point. Because of high altitude pressure is very low so you will find difficulty breathing. If you have any heart-related diseases you shouldn’t visit this high altitude lake at all.

Things You Need While Trekking To Rush Lake

Trek to Rush Lake is not very difficult but if you are first time trekker then it’s going to be hard for you. It’s going to be a very different experience as compared to hiking to Margla or whatsoever because there is no help in case anything goes wrong. So its always good to keep things with you which will help you in case of an emergency. Following things are recommended to keep with you while trekking to Rush Lake:

Water Bottle

I can’t stress enough to have a bottle full of water. When you are hiking & trekking your body tend to dehydrate very fast. Because of the high altitude temperature is very low and you do not feel that you are sweating. Always keep a water bottle while trekking.

Dry Fruits, Chocolates & Snacks

When you are trekking you lose energy very fast and eating dry fruits and other edibles here and there will keep your body full of energy. I always carry chocolates & dry fruits. Reason to carry these things is that they take less space and they are energy rich.


Don’t forget to carry a backpack while trekking to Rush Lake. The backpack will keep your stuff organized and carry more stuff.

Knife & Flash Light

Don’t forget to carry a swiss knife and a flashlight because you might need them while trekking to Rush lake or camping site. The flashlight will help you when you for a piss or something while you are, camping. A knife will come handy al the time.


This is one of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget before starting your trekking for Rush Lake. You can buy a pack of medicine for a headache, Stomach & for temperature etc.


Here are a few beautiful pictures of Rush Lake:

Rush Lake Snow Covered


Rush Lake Flowers


Rush Lake Mountains


Rush Lake Camping

Disclaimer: These photographs have been taken from different online sources and the credits for them rest with the original photographers.

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