Satrangi Lake Hunza Valley – How To Reach & Things To Do

Hunza valley is not only famous for its high peaks and snow covered mountains but also for its exotic lakes as well. Visiting Hunza Valley is always been a treat Because there is so much to see and visit. Satrangi Lake is one of the most amazing lakes in Hunza Valley.

Satrangi Lake is one of the seven lakes in Naltar Valley. Naltar Valley is situated just 2 hours away from central Hunza. Naltar valley is home of 7 lakes including Satrangi Lake. Satrangi means 7 colors in the local language. As per the name, this Lake is famous for its 7 different colors in different seasons and time. Naltar Valley itself is an amazing place to visit. You can visit Satrangi lake as well as view the scenic views of Naltar Valley.

Satrangi Lake Hunza Valley

Naltar Valley is 2-hour ride away from Karakoram highway and you can easily hire jeeps from Karimabad which will take you to the Naltar valley.

Hunza Valley To Naltar Valley

The road to Naltar Valley is a dusty and non-metallic road thus going on the luxury car is not possible. You can easily hire a jeep from Karimabad for only Rs. 8000 ($80) which will take you to Naltar valley and from there to Satrangi and other lakes.

The road to Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley To Satrangi Lake

Naltar to Satrangi Lake road is not accessible in winter season because of heavy snow. Moreover, lakes are frozen as well so there is nothing much to see in winter. So its advised to visit Satrangi Lake in the only summer season.

View Of Satrangi Lake

This colorful lake will give you a colorful welcome. You will be amazed to see its different colors. You will see the lake in Blue, Green & Yellow color sometime. I have seen other lakes in blue and green color but seeing Satrangi in yellow color was something very new for me. That look was amazing and so relaxing.

Satrangi Lake In Multi Colors
Satrangi Lake In Multi Colors

Things To Do At Satrangi Lake

Satrangi Lake is so relaxing and beautiful spot that you will feel to spend a night at the lake. You can do camping at the lake. There are several spots which are suitable for camping. You will see other tourists camping at the bank of the lake.

Capture Amazing Photos At Lake

You can capture amazing scenic photos at this lake. The views of Satrangi are so astonishing that your friends will say just WOW!

If you are a natural lake lover then you can not only visit this lake but also visit Attabad Lake, Borith Lake and Shimshal Lake on this route. If you are going to another side then you can visit Rush Lake. The Rush Lake is more trekking oriented so be prepared for hiking and don’t forget to bring trekking equipment with you.


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