Shimshal Lake – Highest Lake In Gilgit Baltistan

Shimshal is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hunza Valley. Shimshal lake is located in Shimshal village. Shimshal village is around 13000 meters above the sea level and total area of Shimshal lake is 3800 sq KM. Shimshal lake is a natural lake which has formed due to the accumulation of melting water from the glaciers. Shimshal village is a remote area of Hunza valley and its total population is around 2000 people. Only a few people knew about knew about Shimshal lake because there was no road until 2003. Pakistani government constructed a non-metallic road from the Karakorum highway.

Shimshal Lake Hunza Valley
Shimshal Lake Hunza Valley

Shimshal village was connected to central Hunza after the construction of this road. After this road became functional people started visiting this village and has since changed the lives of local people. People’s lives changed after the construction of this road. People of Shimshal were very poor. People from the Punjab, Sindh & KPK started visiting this village and income of the local people were substantially increased.

Karimabad To Shimshal Valley Cost & Time Required?

Getting a car on rent from Karimabad to Shimshal is easy. The driver will charge you around Rs 6000 – 8000 ($60-90). You can visit this lake in one day but it will be too much to travel and enjoy the lake in one day. Its recommended staying a night over there. You can easily find a room on rent for Rs. 1500 – 2500 ($ 15 – 27). If you are nature loving person then you can do camping at the lake. There are plenty of people who can help you arrange camping and bone fire. If you are coming from Karimabad then you can also visit Attabad Lake & then continue the journey towards Shimshal.

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Things To Do At Shimshal Lake?

There are plenty of things that you can do at the lake. If you are staying for more than a day then you can do camping and bonfire at night. At daytime, you can visit the lake and do fishing. If you love trekking then there are some amazing treks.

Trekking At Shimshal Valley

You may also go and visit the surroundings on Yaks