Top Attractions & Activities in Hunza Valley

Every year thousands of people come and visit Hunza Valley. There are so many attractions and activities to do in Hunza Valley. We have tried to compile a list of attractions and activities that you can do. There are several other things that you can do but these are the one you should never miss.

Altit Fort

Altit Fort Hunza Valley
Altit Fort Hunza Valley

Altit Fort is an ancient fort located in Hunz Valley. You need a ticket to enter into the fort. You get a glimpse of the great past of Hunza Valley and its people. Rulers of Hunza built this for around 700 years ago and its one of the most ancient building in Hunza Valley. Altit Fort is renovated by Agha Khan Development Network and still under their care. It is one of the most visited forts in Hunza Valley. There is an English speaking tour guide available and its services are included in the entry ticket.

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Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

Baltit Fort was built after Altit Fort by the rulers of Hunza. When Altit Fort became old the rulers built this brand new fort on a prime location. This fort gives a full view of the Valley. Rulers built it for their accommodation as well as to keep an eye on the entire valley. It has old utensils, rooms and other things used by the rulers and its people.

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Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley - Hunza
Naltar Valley – Hunza

Naltar Valley is a beautiful valley full of lush green forest. It is 2 hours drive away from Gilgit city. It has a very active wildlife and in winter you can see snow leopards. There are 7 famous lakes in the Naltar valley and you can hike and see them all. There is a ski resort in this valley, operated by the Pakistan Air Force. The chairlift available for the skiers to take them on top of the mountain.

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Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake Road Side
Attabad Lake Road Side

Attabad is one of the most famous places in Hunza. 50% of the people visiting Hunza Valley are motivated by this lake. Attabad is one of the most visited lakes in Pakistan. The views are amazing here. You can camp here and a dedicated camping spot is available by the local government. You can rent go for a short boating trip in the lake. You can rent the fishing equipment from the nearby motel and do fishing.

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Gulmit Village

Horse Riding Gulmit Village Hunza Valley
Horse Riding Gulmit Village Hunza Valley

Gulmit Village is for the people who love nature and want to spend some quality time. If you are nature loving person then you can spend a few days here. There are gardens that you can visit. You can hike to the nearby Batura glacier. There is a very good spot for fishing. You can book trips to the National Khunjrab Park from here. There is a very famous hotel called Marcopolo Inn. That is recommended for the stay.

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Borith Lake

Borith Lake Hunza Valley

Borith is famous for ice skating. If you want to relax then it is the best spot. There is a resort at the bank of this laek. Food offered by the hotel at this lake is very tasty and don’t forget to drink their tea. It’s best 🙂

You can do boating in this lake. You can rent equipment from the lake and do fishing. The owner of this resort is very friendly.

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Rush Lake

Rush Lake Hunza Valley

Rush Lake is Pakistan’s highest alpine lake. It is very famous for its scenic views. The rush lake is 4500 meters above the sea level and you can visit it by car, Instead, you need to hike to see the lake. The rush lake is not very crowded that’s why its beauty is preserved. In the winter season, you can’t visit it because it’s frozen.

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Shimshal Lake

Shimshal Lake Hunza Valley

Shimshal lake is in Shimshal village. Shimshal village has a population of only 2000 people and it offers very scenic views. The government has built a brand new road connection Shimshal village to Hunza Valley. If you visit Hunza Valley then don’t miss this place. People in this area are very friendly and their entire economy depends on the tourists. Shimshal village offers beautiful views, tasty food, and comfortable accommodation. There are multiple tracks for hiking and if offers several other activities like camping, Fishing & yak riding.

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